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TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL is abbreviated English proficiency exam (American accent) are required to enroll into college (college) or university in the United States or other countries in the world. This exam is required for applicants whose native language or the speaker is not English. TOEFL exam is organized by the office of ETS (Educational Testing Service) in the United States for all test takers around the world.

There are three types of TOEFL issued by ETS (English Testing Service), namely:
1. PBT (Paper Based Test) TOEFL
on the TOEFL PBT-use paper or sheets of paper and answer sheet about to be filled with a 2B pencil.
The materials tested are:
• Listening
• Structure
• Reading
PBT – TOEFL is the TOEFL Test form was first issued by ETS. System Test Score range 310 – 677.

2. CBT (Computer Based Test) TOEFL
CBT-TOEFL is the second form, replacing PBT-TOEFL. CBT-TOEFL test systems no longer use paper, but directly to the computer. All about using the softwere and every question was answered / done in the computer. CBT was first issued in 1998. However, in some countries in Asia, especially Indonesia are still allowed to use the PBT (ITP-TOEFL) as a standard International TOEFL Test. So that the prestige of CBT in Indonesia is very minimal. Even today there are still many Indonesian people who does not know what the CBT-TOEFL.
The materials tested are:
• Listening
• Structure
• Reading
• Writing
Score range 0-300.

3. iBT (internet Based Test) TOEFL
iBT-TOEFL or also known as the Next Generation (NG) is a form of TOEFL Test TOEFL recently issued ETS and introduced since 2005, but in Indonesia, only entered into force since 2006 as the International TOEFL Test standards recognized in the world. ETS made many changes to the format and the latest system TOEFL Test. -TOEFL iBT also use computer media, it’s just on the iBT test system using the internet. Thus the test participants directly on-line with ETS and answering test questions as well as on-line.
The materials tested are:
• Listening
• speaking
• writing, and Reading

Contoh Soal Toefl

1. The hard palate….. between the mouth and nasal passage
a. Forming a partition
b. A partition forms
c. Forms a partition
d. A form and partition
Note : Because it uses the present tense using the verb 1 and to be is

2. ……….. the outermost layer of skin, is abaout as thick as sheet of paper over most of the skin
a. It is epidermis
b. The epidermis
c. In the epidermis
d. The epidermis is
Note : Because it uses the present tense using the verb 1 and to be is

3. During the Precambrian period, the earth’s curst formed, and life……. In the seas
a. First appeared
b. The first appear
c. The first appearance
d. Appearing first
Note : Because using the verb 3

4. Before the statue of liberty in the united states, newspaper invited the public to help determine where….. .placed after its arrival
a. Should the statue be
b. The statue being
c. It should be the statue
d. The statue should be
Note : Because the use of past continuous tense is future shoud +be

5. Seismic reflection profiling has…….. the ocean floor is underlain by a thin layer of nearly transparent sediments.
a. Reveal that
b. Revealed that
c. The revelation of
d. Revealed about
Note : Because using the present perfect tense is to use has + verb 3

6. …………..and terrifying, coral snakes can grow to 4 feet (1.2 meters) in length
a. They are extremely poisonous
b. The posion is extreme
c. Extremely poisonous
d. An extreme amount of poisonous
Note : Because it uses the present tense using the verb 1 and to be is

7. As…………… in greek and roman mythology, harpies were frightful monsters that were half woman and half bird
a. Described
b. To described
c. Description
d. Describing
Note : Due to be added as a complement as to

8. D.w grifitth pioneered many of the stylistic features and filmmaking techiniques….. as the hollywood standard
a. That estabilished
b. That became estabilished
c. What estabilished
d. What became estabilished
Note : Because it has happened in the past

9. By the end of this month, I ……my assignment
a. Will finish
b. Will have finished
c. Finish
d. Am finishing
Note : Because the use of present future perfect tense is future S+will/shall+V3

10. I meet Tyas this morning when I …….for the bus
a. Wait
b. Waited
c. Has waiting
d. Was waiting
Note : Because it uses the past tense using the Was+Verb 2

11. I know that one of my student ……in your company since he graduated
a. Work
b. Working
c. Have work
d. Has been working
Note : Because it uses the present perfect tense using since

12. Hadi looks very tired, he,,,, for hours now
a. Drove
b. Has been driving
c. Had driving
d. Had been driving
Note : Because it uses the present perfect continuous tense using the Has+been+V erb 1+ing
13. I hope that by the time my father retires,I…….. a job
a. Will have got
b. Get
c. Am getting
d. Have got
Note : Because it uses the future perfect tense using the Will/shall+have+verb3

14. Did you meet your sister yesterday?
No,she……for Surabaya
a. Would leave
b. Has left
c. Had left
d. Is leaving
Note : Baecause it uses the past perfect tense using the Had+Verb3

15. The tidal forces on the earth due to……only 0.46 of those due to the moo
a. The Sun is
b. The Sun they are
c. The Sun it is
d. The Sun are
Note : Because it uses the present tense using the verb 1 and to be is

Sumber : Wikipedia


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