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Order Letter

This type of letter is the letter containing the demand for goods to an agency service moving company providing goods section. Therefore, serious thinking and good writing should be done in preparing the papers. A little carelessness can result in the loss of customers or vice versa. Therefore, letters should be gracious and wise. Letters must be definite and complete in order to get to the reader exactly as the author wishes. Any errors or omissions will mean a delay in shipping and billing would be complicated and also loss of business.
Mail order goods do not need to be preceded or offers. Information received from catalog and also help people and parties in placing and sales. Therefore, this letter has big stakes. Writing the right to be taken to ensure the preparation efficient handling and to eliminate all the doubts that results in loss of time and the possibility of the market.
Desired facts are as follows:
1. Details of the goods ordered or ordering.
2. Directions for delivery.
3. Method of payment.
In the first paragraph is usually the buyer informed sources of information products to be ordered. In the paragraph above are the main ideas of making the letter to make a reservation. Then came a paragraph penjelasandari applicant regarding the details of the goods or other things that dipesantentang quantity, size, price and more. At the end of the paragraph, the buyer will include information on payment, location, data delivery, place and other specific information.
When booking by mail should consider:
1. Include full details of the description, quantity, and type of goods to be ordered.
2. Include full details of the data itself so that the supplier will ship the item to the buyer with the right destination.
3. Make a deal in terms of payment agreed on the buy-sell agreement.

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