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Technology today is very advanced and very different from ancient times, which in the past they did not understand or know about the technology itself, in this era of globalization of society is very familiar with his name and that technology is no stranger to them, because they now live with technology itself, either with: cellphones, computers and various other kinds. and our society can not live without the name of technology. eg mobile phone, children who grew up smp they would ask its master hp to people because of their hp is very important to ask about their school work, and can be seen from the above story that the technology is very important in this day and age because we also get information useful for those who use it in something positive. For many people who either use or exploit hp itself, especially among young people is very much a misuse of the technology itself, the more advanced the technology, the more positive benefits and negative for us, it all depends on us who use the technology itself.

Examples of technology that now that many of the favorite of children, adolescents and parents of the internet, the internet is an information technology that helps people find information more easily with the internet itself, there are people using the internet this is a correct usage into a positive example: students seeking a job, they can be booked in addition they also can search the internet but unfortunately not everyone uses the Internet it into proper use, because not everyone doing it because none of them use the Internet to find a negative that adversely affect their .

That’s because the technology is very important to us, and I agree that technology itself is easier for us to get information. But there are a few of us who utilize the technology into a negative thing they should know what the actual benefits of technology for all of us, which brings both benefits and avoid the bad. So I am very agree that the technology provides a lot of information and makes us no longer obsolete because we live in the era of globalization or a very advanced age and are not clueless about computers.


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