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Tour Unforgettable

A lot of my sights and visit family, but this place which I think is a good tourist attractions and beautiful, exactly in the wilderness area (west of Sumatra). When it was me and my brother was on vacation, and my father had invited us to vacation in the wilderness, at first no one believed, but the father immediately told us to pack our clothes too surprised when my father said something like that, because the man’s father is very quiet. my sister and said “oh dad was serious” and we rushed to the field at 10:00 with a ± 5-hour journey. Apparently the father took to the tunnel japan, this is a place where people of Japan sent an Indonesian sweatshop labor (forced labor). I was surprised to see the tunnel which has a ± 99 steps of stairs and quite dark inside, and then we went into the tunnel and see some rooms, and apparently it is a prison space for the Indonesian people who do not want to work sweatshop. And there was a room next door, which is meeting space for the people of Japan and there is some room again, and then we got out of there and I think “so hard they (Indonesian citizen) colonized by the Japanese people, and I do not know what to do if I so they ‘

Not felt it was already evening’s father immediately took us to the beach where Malin Kundang in curses. whereby, said these people were cursing at Malin Kundang place by her mother into a statue because Malin Kundang insubordinate and did not acknowledge him as his mother. I see the statue but the statue had been damaged and no longer clear picture sculpture, I also do not really know what’s true tale of what just comical. After I saw the statue I was immediately bathed in so clean beaches with crystal clear water. It was late we were staying at the hotel. Tomorrow day, my family and I went home and stopped for a quick high hill to see the big clock at the same time to buy food, clothing and accessories typical of the desert (West Sumatra).

That’s because I chose this place because the place is very clean and beautiful, can we know that the desert city is a place that is clean, comfortable and we get garbage.the distance from the city that I choose the field, precisely in the tunnel and the beach, for having history that we can take historical knowledge. And tours to the desert is an unforgettable tour for me


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