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A Moment to Share

At 10thDecember,pr event was done with “a moment to share “ more than 80 media came at imam bonjol’s house at 15.00 this show happened to give an appreciation to media partner because the good relationship with oriflame until 2009.

The most important purpose of this show was to launch the charity program that we would start at februarin2010 that is “power at kiss” charity program. In this program oriflamme with asylum roslin at kupang gave a help to schod’s builded. 500 rupiah from all lipstick that sold at February will use to invest at adication’s cost.

the journalists that came were given a flower and zodiac card that correct with each journalist’s zodiac. They could ask a question to fortune teller about ipstick and oritlame’s parfume and also about the lucky at 2010

became to top leader oriflamme Indonesian,delegation for embassy of swedia and two celebrities Indonesian who care with childreans education in Indonesian, that is mona ratuliu dan dik doank,

with this show “power of kiss” charity program in February can keep going until children who at the kupang can realisation there desire for learn and decrease a mount children of broken school in indonesian.


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